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Building together what's next for your business

As an entrepreneur, chances are the past couple of months have felt like a rollercoaster. Your emotional state has probably gone up and down at the drop of a tweet from optimism to pessimism.

This morning, I received an email from the French American Chamber of Commerce.


It woke me up. That email said...

"In these unprecedented times of business uncertainty, it is now more than ever the moment to help each other."

So I'd like to respond to the call

and invite you to a 1-hour transformational conversation

so that we can build together what's next for your business.

From Responding to Thriving

Most of the entrepreneurs I'm working with have similar questions: 

  1. How to respond to a new normal?

  2. What risks can I take? Can I afford to take new risks?

  3. How can I engage in a different way with my new customers?

  4. How would I build my team resilience working from home?

Maybe you are one of them. And what I realized in that the question beyond those questions was often

  • How can I respond, recover, and emerge even stronger from the current situation?

  • As an entrepreneur, how can I thrive?

My commitment is to you

If you'd like to explore how to thrive during those uncertain times, I'd like to invite you to a one-hour conversation.

I'd welcome anything that comes to mind, invite you to tell me your success, what you're struggling with

and we'll see what we might solve together short-term... no pressure... no string attached.

I promise I won't try to sell you anything during that hour.

My commitment is to you and I'll do my best to make your job more fun and productive.

Contact me

You can email me back at

I am happy to email you some available dates


OR if you prefer, please pick up a time to schedule a time to talk 

Link to my scheduler to continue the conversation

Their experience working with me


Stéphane Furderer

 Stéphane is an Executive coach.

He brings more than 10 years of experience working with executives, leaders, and high-performers from financial, tech, and creative industries. 

He has constantly reinvented himself throughout his career and loves to inspire people to explore new paths.  Stephane’s mission is to help people transform lives and businesses with passion, humor, and heart.


With his Intimate and Creative French Connection Club, he is also dedicated to helping the French Community around the world who wants to Learn to Grow and Live a Purposeful Life. 

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Resources to continue the conversation

On May 14th, in partnership with the French American Chamber of Commerce, I've explored with 8 French American entrepreneurs, "How to respond to a new normal?"

I wanted to share with you the support of the presentation that might help you continue the conversation, thriving your business.

I wish you all the best


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