Who’s my real enemy, My Stress or My Absence of Recovery?

Updated: Feb 19

If time and energy were infinite, we could fulfill our commitments without losing our minds.

But we are painfully aware that time and energy are finite and that there doesn’t appear to be one magic fix. However, there are some blessed days when I feel I am in the flow.

During those days, when I hit a home run, there is one quality that I’m seeking for myself, how can I sustain this ideal performance state?

Would it not be wonderful to live a life where everything seems to be easy, you fly from projects to projects and finish your day happier and stronger?

Who's my real enemy?

Spoiler Alert,

there is no one magic fix,

but today I wanted to share one thought.

And I invite you to test it for yourself.

What I’d like to suggest is to identify who is your real enemy?

Your stress or your absence of recovery?

Treat yourself like an athlete

In their paper, The making of a Corporate Athlete, Jim Loehr, and Tony Schwarts talk about how to sustain that Ideal Performance State.

Working with world-class athletes, they have discovered that one key component of effective energy management is the rhythmic movement between energy expenditure (stress) and energy renewal (recovery).

“We learned that the real enemy of high performance is not stress, which, paradoxical as it may seem, is actually the stimulus for growth. Rather, the problem is the absence of disciplined, intermittent recovery. Chronic stress without recovery depletes energy reserves, leads to burnout and breakdown, and ultimately undermines performance.”

One moment to support you

Just as if you could, do you remember a time when you felt low in energy after a long period of stress? How did you react? I invite you to write it down (or express it the way you'd like) and let that thought go.

True Story

I used to work for Consulting firms in Paris a few years ago. Long hours and stressful situations were my daily lifestyle. One part of me loved it, because of this stimulus for growth. And even if there is nothing bad in loving your job and putting yourself into stressful situations, I lost the other side of it which is, when and how do I take time to renew my energy? You can imagine how it ended up...

So from my personal experience, at that time, I wished someone would have reminded me to identify who’s my real enemy: my stress or my absence of recovery?

Yes, treat yourself like an athlete!

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