Help people to start what matters 

Take the risk you need to succeed,

one tiny step at a time.

What support would you need to start taking the risk to succeed?

"There is a path. A path to completion of what you want to create.

A new song? A freshly painted bedroom? The ability to play “Over the Rainbow” on the ukulele? The creation of a prosperous career? Whatever you want to create!

There is a path.

And when you’re not on that path you’re not creating, and when you are on the path you’re making progress."


Steve Chandler - Creator





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Meet Stéphane Furderer

What is blocking you from starting to take the risk to succeed?

I bring my passion, my creativity, and professionalism to help people start projects that matter to them.

I love partnering with people from my own mistakes and my humanity.


Over the past 15 years, I had to reinvent myself 4 times:

 1 accident (yes life happens): ex-Cello player,

➔ 1 new career: French Actuary,

➔ 1 new country: Tech Data Scientist in California,

➔ 1 new mission that matters: Professional Life Coach.

Life happens, it’s inevitable.

But trying stuff,

with a clear intention, creativity, and a crazy good support,

is one of the better ways I know to

create a life that matters.

Find help to start what  matters


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